What Defines a Great Payment Processor?

If you are like many veterinary practices, you might think there is no such thing as a great payment processor. They are either expensive, out of date, or simply ignore their duty to provide good customer service.

For 15+ years our clients have thought of us differently. How do they evaluate us, and why are we different? From our experience serving your industry, we have found a great payment processor is defined by their ability to satisfy not just one, but three strategic pillars for success:

  • Cost-Effective Pricing
  • Advanced Technology
  • Superior Service

Many processors promise one, or possibly two of these. VetTech Payments is the exception, we deliver all three for our clients.

Cost-Effective Pricing means:

  • A transparent quote so you can see, upfront, what rates & fees your business will pay.

Advanced Technology means:

  • The ability to offer multiple processing environments and customizations to fit your needs, not the processor’s need.
  • Cloud-based stand-alone systems like Clover or SwipeSimple for maximum savings, or integrated systems like The Practice Management Bridge® for maximum flexibility, you should have a choice whether your practice is cloud based or mobile.

Superior Service means:

  • Your dedicated Account Manager knows your team by name.
  • And, your Account Manager responds to your team with solutions, not a bunch of industry jargon and excuses that get you nowhere.

Your staff provides exceptional service, utilizing the latest advancements in technology & medicine, at a cost that provides your customers with unparalleled results. Your payment processing partner should strive to follow your example.

Don't Just Take Our Word, Listen to Our Clients

Don't Just Take Our Word, Listen to Our Partners

“Thank you again, Russ! As always, you and Craig have been phenomenal!!”

-Lisa Norkunas, R.V.T.

Hospital Director, Rialto Animal Hospital

“The Clover system is awesome, clients are amazed at the device and you made the transition so easy! I don’t know of many other businesses with such great service that you provide. I got my first full month’s statement and thank you for the savings!!”

-Dr. Jill Stetz

Narberth Animal Hospital

VHMA Member Benefits

Pre-Negotiated Rates

Enjoy VHMA member pricing.
Exclusive rates equal guaranteed cost reductions.

Dedicated Acct. Specialist

Your practice is assigned a VetTech Payments team leader. Receive 24/7 services.

PCI Compliance

Your VetTech team leader helps you achieve and stay compliant. Avoid unnecessary fees.

PIMS Integration

Learn about the +/- of payment integration with popular Practice Management Software.

Mobile Processing

Hand-held, WiFi or cellular enabled devices that allow for payments curbside or anywhere.

Website Payment Page

Quickly accept payments through your website without extravagant coding by a web developer.

Digital Wallets

Increase the use of digital wallets i.e. Apple Pay and Google Play to avoid "Card Not Present" surcharges.

Email Invoicing

Send invoices that include a link for payment. Once paid, the transaction immediately registers in your payment system.

Integrated Solution

As easy to implement as it is to use, Practice Management Bridge® is your comprehensive solution for day-to-day practice management and payment processing

Stand Alone / Cloud Based

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Ask about our NO-cost equipment upgrades


Payment Processing:
How Does It Really Work?

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Payment Processing 101:

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