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The VetTech team believes every veterinary practice is unique and therefore in need of a custom suite of solutions. Our specialists will work with your team to design a program that fits your needs. Some of the solutions we offer include:

Same Day Funding

Using your business bank to process credit cards in order to receive same day funding comes at a high price. Most banks that offer same day funding charge an average of 2.95% for processing fees. VetTech Payments offers same day funding, to qualified practices, with a 30% reduction in fees. We deposit to any bank and you keep your same business banking relationship. Contact VetTech Payments today to find out more!

Mobile - Equine

Weather you have a mobile veterinary practice or you are an independent equine practitioner, VetTech Payments has a customized solution. With the Clover Flex or Clover Go, you can accept payments from virtually anywhere regardless of connectivity. All of our mobile solutions seamlessly integrate into our web portal for ease of accounting and record storage. Contact a VetTech specialist today to discuss your needs.

Clover Systems

Is your practice still using analog credit card machines? Storing too many paper receipts? Are you tired of multiple close out reports? Are your employees spending countless hours finding mistakes in closeout totals? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Clover System is the right fit for your practice. The Clover System is a cloud based processing solution that links multiple check out stations via cloud for easy closeout with one report. The Clover system accepts all payments and digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Google Wallet. Because the Clover System is cloud based, all signatures are captured digitally and stored on your Clover web dashboard for easy access. The Clover Flex is a completely wireless solution that allows for exam room checkout for euthanasia or aggressive animals. The Clover Flex can also be a valuable tool for mobile vets and equine as it has an LTE cellular communication in addition to WIFI. Contact one of our veterinary specialists today to see which solution is right for your practice.

E-Commerce Solution

Is your practice in need of an online store solution? Our e-commerce solution is easy to use and fully integrates with 800- PETMEDS, YOURVETSTORE, Midwest Vet Supplies online payment portal and others. Turn your practice website into an e-commerce solution!

Automated Recurring Billing – Wellness Plans

Accept and submit monthly recurring or installment payments with Automated Recurring Billing (ARB). This gives your clients a flexible way to pay via credit card or direct from their bank account for all of your every-day services. In addition, VetTech Payments also integrates with most wellness plans including Petly or we can assist in the design of an in-house wellness program that includes Automated Recurring Billing (ARB).

CPA Services and Tax Preparation

VetTech Payments has been a partner with Diversified Veterinary Management (D.V.M.) for 8 years.  For 40 Years the team at D.V.M. has focused on helping veterinarians like you achieve remarkable increases in productivity and profitability. Their expertise in the veterinarian market helps our clients take advantage of specific tax laws while minimizing liabilities. D.V.M. knows your business and that’s why veterinarians trust the D.V.M. team to manage their practices. They deliver quality, cost effective services tailored to the veterinary business. Let us show you how the D.V.M. team can become a valued member of your team and help you achieve your goals.

CA Drug Consultation Mandate

As practices across California know, recent updates to California Business & Professions code 4829.5 (also known as SB1480 / Lizzie's Law) require new Drug Consultation Mandates in 2019. Our smart terminals seamlessly transmit and store consultation consent right at point of sale!

Software Integration

At VetTech Payments we know many practices like to integrate payment processing with their Practice Management Software. We have platforms for integration with many of the leading providers including AVImark®, ImproMed®, and eVetPractice®

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