VetTech Payments understands the financial success of your business relies on minimizing costs


VetTech has solutions to help you save time & money

When it comes to payment processing, VetTech Payments knows every veterinary practice has its own set of unique needs and business goals. Some practices want to save money, others want to up-grade to Contactless Payment solutions, or they are looking for great customer service. One thing is certain that most practices would like to have all three.

At VetTech our guiding principles have always been to provide our partners with cost-effective pricing, access to cutting edge technology, and superior service. We offer all three and more.

By combining our guiding principles and our 15+ years serving the veterinary industry, VetTech has an unique advantage and allows us to anticpate our client’s needs regarding payment processing. Our team is there to help educate the client on our wide range of solutions that will help streamline their payment processing and help reduce costs with out reducing services.

Let VetTech help save your practice time and money and let us customize a solution for you today.


Pre-Negotiated Rates:

Hand-held, WiFi or cellular enabled devices that allow for payments curbside or anywhere.

Mobile Processing:

Hand-held, WiFi or cellular enabled devices that allow for payments curbside or anywhere.

Dedicated Acct. Specialist:

Your practice is assigned a VetTech Payments team leader. Recieve 24/7 services.

Website Payment Page:

Quickly accept payments through your website without extravagant coding by a web developer.

PCI Compliance:

Your VetTech team leader helps you achieve and stay compliant. Avoid unnecessary fees.

Digital Wallets:

Increase the use of digital wallets i.e. Apple Pay and Google Play to avoid "Card Not Present" surcharges.

PIMs Integration:

Learn about the +/- of payment integration with popular Practice Management Software.

Email Invoicing:

Send invoices that include a link for payment. Once paid, the transaction immediately registers in your payment system.