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VetTech Payments knows that every veterinary practice has its own set of unique needs and business goals. Your payment processing system should support YOUR goals, not the processors.

With over 15 years of service to countless practices across the country, continuous growth of industry partnerships with trusted regional as well as national VMAs, we have listened and learned about the veterinary industry’s payment processing needs.

We are laser focused on delivering our partners cost-effective pricing, cutting-edge yet workable technology, and most importantly, concierge service.

It takes less time than you think, give us 30 minutes & a current statement & we can tell you how to save time, money or both.

Don't Just Take Our Word, Listen to Our Partners

“Thank you, Craig! I did get another email indicating that we are PCI-compliant! Thank you for your help on this!
VetTechPayments is so much easier than what we had before, and we’re saving money! It’s a win win!”


Practice Administrator

“I just got an update from one of industry VMAs and saw a familiar face. I am really glad we are using you (VetTech Payments) for our payment processing. It’s been nice not to have any stress there. Congratulations on supporting veterinary industry organizations.”

-Laura F.

Practice Manager

“Thank you again, Russ! As always, you and Craig have been phenomenal!!”

-Lisa N., R.V.T.

Hospital Director

“The Clover system is awesome, clients are amazed at the device and you made the transition so easy! I don’t know of many other businesses with such great service that you provide. I got my first full month’s statement and thank you for the savings!!”

-Dr. Jill S.

Hospital Owner

Don't Just Take Our Word, Listen to Our Clients

Integrated Solution

As easy to implement as it is to use, Practice Management Bridge® is your comprehensive solution for day-to-day practice management and payment processing

Stand Alone / Cloud Based

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